$350 million plant given the green light by PM Imran Khan

$350 million plant given the green light by PM Imran Khan



Just a few months back in late November 2018, JW Forland’s plant was inaugurated.
The plant was inaugurated personally by Prime Minister Imran Khan. And amongst the attendees were prominent businessmen like the CEO of JW SEZ Group, Shah Faisal, the CEO of Haier, Javed Afridi, and CEO Alex Xu.
The event signifies the further strengthening of a Pak China Friendship. Because with the launch of this plant , there will be a regular transfer of advanced technologies from China to Pakistan.
The PM stated, “Progress only starts after the technology is transferred.”.
The PM also indicated about what he thought the plant was the beginning of.
He suggested that there’ll be the formation of schools where Pakistani technicians might go to acquire technical skills. He also voiced an inner hope, saying “We will produce cars which can eventually be exported,”.
While this may not happen immediately, it can be said for sure that the $350 million plant will produce a great amount of job opportunities for Pakistanis.
An investment of this size might also play a pivotal role in encouraging other businesses to invest in Pakistan.
About the plant
The plant was established shortly after the joint venture between JW SEZ and Forland attained Greenfield status in Pakistan. Located in Lahore over 50 acres, currently the plant’s capacity is producing 30,000 units annually.
Products coming in
For now, the product line consists of Cargo Trucks and Dump Trucks with payload capacities ranging from 1 ton to 7.5 tons. The lineup also consists of the D310, the first locally manufactured Dump Truck made especially for Pakistan in accordance with international safety standards.
This has never happened before
The agreement marks the first time that the Pakistani Auto sector will receive specialized Chinese technology including parts like the engine and transmission.

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