Beiqi Foton Motor Co., Ltd, Foton for short, is the largest commercial vehicle maker, with the widest product line up in China. Founded on August 28th ,1996, Foton has US $4.77 billion in fixed assets and 40,000 employees. Its sales and production volume has been ranked as the NO.1 commercial vehicle manufacturer in the world. Foton had a brand value of CNY 100.565 billion in 2016, is rated as China’s most valued brand and has been ranked as the No.1 commercial vehicle manufacturer in China for 12 consecutive years.

FORLAND is the core business of Foton Motors Group. Forland owns industrial superior R&D, purchasing, production and marketing resources. It engages in truck business, including cargo truck, dump truck, special vehicles (all wheel drive and hub-reduction type) and special purpose vehicles. There are 12 product lines, more than 80 product platforms, over 600 varieties. The annual production capacity is 300,000. It is considered as the widest product line-up production base in the world. Production bases for the overseas markets located in Changsha, Hunan province and Zhucheng, Shandong province.

A revolutionary journey of JW SEZ group started in 1971, today the generation of JW SEZ group intends to continue the legacy of those before them. Since its beginning it has ceaselessly increased standards of its vision, expertise and technology in order to keep itself well informed about the ever changing market trends. JW SEZ is a dynamic group soaring high to the horizons of expansion and contributing to the economic growth of the country.

Owing to the regressive growth of the economy through CPEC, a dialogue was held between JW SEZ and Foton that resulted in a Joint Venture, named Foton JW Auto Park, was formed. With their flagship brand Forland, Foton comes to Pakistan with a direct investment and together with JW, they envision to become the leading commercial vehicle manufacturer in Pakistan within the next 5 years.


Our aim is to exceed our customer’s expectations by providing high quality commercial vehicles at very affordable prices by acquiring the best possible talent of professionals. We strive to be preferred employer of choice while complementing our products with the best available after-sales service and most timely spare parts availability.


To become the premier commercial vehicle brand focused within the next 5 years by offering exceptional products and services. It is driven to support the growth and development of the economy, the industry, the society, and in the preservation of the environment.


Focus on development, based on organizational goal, Foton JW places people first in the regulations and range permitted of law.

  1. Safety
  2. Respect
  3. Teamwork
  4. Integrity & Accountability
  5. Target and Action Oriented & Committed Professionals
  6. Responsible & Environment friendly
  7. Excellence & Continuous Learning

President’s Message

JW SEZ has advanced through a consistently changing and in increasingly competitive business environment, to arrive at a destination where we are surrounded by innumerable opportunities for further growth and expansion. We are currently one of the fastest growing private sector organization and we should be proud of the exponential growth that we have accomplished over the past few years.

By the Grace of Allah Almighty, we have had the honor of making a significant contribution to the Economy of Pakistan, and InshaAllah we will continue to do so for years to come, so that we can truly become the pride of the Nation.

Advanced Enterprise

Hi-tech Enterprise

TOP 100 Enterprise

Certificate of Enterprise Credit Grade

Science and Technology Progress Award

First Class Enterprise of Safety and Standardization Production

China Quality Trustworthy Enterprise

Certificate of Hunan’s International Well-known Brand

Membership of Shandong Automotive Engineers Association

First Class Export Enterprises

First Class Enterprise of Safety & Standardization Production