Forland at the Forefront in Pakistan

Forland at the Forefront in Pakistan



China – Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) is transforming Pakistan’s auto parts industry and will bring a lot of opportunities for the auto sector. This in turn will benefit the transport warehouses and freight forwarding services by further expanding the auto and logistics sector.
Utilizing the emerging opportunities in local auto sector, JW Forland has decided to invest at large scale and is concentrating on collaboration to meet the augmenting demand of four-wheel vehicles in the country.
Following the long term vision, JW Forland – one of the largest automobile Chinese companies in the world – is all set to launch its brands in Pakistan with the aim of achieving the top position in commercial vehicles category.
Initially, JW Forland has introduced limited editions vehicles in Pakistan that include Bravo (Cargo) and Alpha (Dump) trucks, while other commercial vehicles are expected to be launched in June this year.
It’s worth mentioning that manufactures of Forland hold the portfolio of most the diversified production lineup in the world with a capacity of producing 0.3 million vehicles annually.

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